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Our brand new Grooming Spa Room. Beautiful and super clean and efficient. Pets are not kept in a separate room alone, but monitored at all times. 
We offer professional and high-quality styling services to enhance the beauty and wellness of your dog and cat. Premium luxurious and organic bathing products complete with essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, citronella and penny royal. We also carry oatmeal based shampoos with essential oils and fruit extracts such as papaya, mango, kiwi, strawberry, ect to soothe and re-moisturize skin and hair.  There is non oatmeal based shampoo for those that have an allergy to oatmeal. Our conditioners will moisturize the coat and minimize matting.  Pampering and TLC is what we do best!

We take in all dogs and cats, including the more difficult pets. As long as the pet will not be a safety concern for our personnel.  We take the time to welcome your pet in a relaxing and loving environment and so that they feel comfortable with us. We specialize in senior pets and disabled dogs .  We understand that they tire easily and can get uncomfortable standing for a long period of time. Therefore we groom them in stages to make their stay with us more enjoyable and lessen the chances of unnecessary anxiety for them.  We are trained to use gentle soothing techniques to help them feel comfortable. First timers and very young dogs are also handled in a way to make their first experience easy and enjoyable.

We love our grooming salon area. Our grooming spa provides the very best in beauty and wellness treatments for your pet.  A lot of time and thought was used to create a state of the art grooming spa staffed with professional pet stylists.  Our stylists will not only make your pet look fabulous but they will also make sure your pet is at ease throughout their visit to our spa. We offer services from specific breed patterns, pet or show, scissor sculpting or hand stripping,  luxurious coat treatment, aromatherapy sessions, special skin treatments, such as deep sea mud baths, blueberry facials, organic shampoos and conditioners, special skin treatments, paw pad treatments, deshedding treatments,  and many more options. Talk to our grooming staff about skin and coat evaluations, diet and nutrition recommendations, skin allergies,  or any other particular needs. We also offer puppy ' first ' groom consultations.  It is important to communicate with your pet groomer so that they can create the style you are looking for. Bring in pictures. 

Our equipment is current and of the highest quality and standards in the industry.  It  will not only provide safety and well being for your pet but also produce beautiful styling and soft flowing mat free condition to your pets coat. 

We use Prima Bathing System designed to deep clean by removing oil and dirt clinging to your pets coat and ski, by opening pores and completely cleansing them of oils and bacteria. This technology rejuvenates your pets epidermis. The system will produce a cleansing that you simply can not get with other methods. Alot of grooming shops use systems that continuously recycle the same dirty shampoo water to bath your dog. This helps them save money on their water bill. We don't feel this is the best way to bath your pet.  Our bathing system's finished product is a youthful sheen and vigor to your pet's coat, skin and nails.   

Our professional staff is trained  to deal with all kinds of skin issues. We take care to only use the right product for any particular skin or coat problems and we are happy to work with your vet on any special instructions they may request. If at any time we do come across a health condition with your pet, we may request that your pet be seen by a veterinarian before we attempt to groom them. We want to protect your pet's health.  

Safety concerns and the well being of your pet is always at the top of our list while your pet is in our care. Cage dryers can be dangerous especially to geriatric pets, so all of our clients are hand dried with high velocity dryers that not only dry the coat but help remove dead hair and exfoliate the skin. In some cases some pets do not like dryers especially around their face. In that case we may use a slower quieter dryer, towel dry or  let them air dry to keep them comfortable. This will require a longer stay in our spa to complete the drying time.  We also sterilize our equipment , blades, scissors, and other grooming tools after each pet to help prevent the spread of any contagious conditions and protect your pet's safety. 

Pedicures are done on every pet that is groomed and we also accept walk-in pedicures. We not only cut the nails but we dremel them as well so that the nails are smoother. This is not only better for the pet but for the owner as well in case you should get scratched. 

Have a pet that is shedding excessively? We use a great product Furminator Shampoo and Conditioner made just for deshedding your pet. It is enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids to reduce shedding, promote healthy skin and coat, loosens and removes undercoat before brushing.  We also use our high velocity dryers,  a deshedder tool and vacuum to rid your pet's coat of all that  loose shedding hair. 

We also offer teeth cleaning with an oral irrigator to help slow down plaque buildup and odor causing bacteria. Although this does not replace the dental services that your vet performs for major dental cleaning, it will help slow down the build up between visits to your vet and give your dog a fresher breath.

Anal sacs are squeezed on request and only externally. Keep in mind we are not veterinarians. Internal anal sac expression should only be done by a veterinarian.  If a pet is extremely sensitive or showing signs of infection, we won't express the anal sacs but will recommend a check from your pet's veterinarian. We will also clean your pet's ear from the outside only. We don't want to put your pet at risk from any internal ear damage.    

We offer mud baths and blueberry facials. This treatment improves the condition of your pet's skin. The facials are very soothing. And if you are looking for a little more glitz we can paint toenails, apply feathers and rhinestones, and do some airbrushed colors that can be washed out with shampoo. Just let know when you want that extra special touch of glam for your sweetie.  We are a spa and we want our clients to feel comfortable, beautiful and pampered!

For prices call us for a quote. We can give you an estimate but to get a exact price we would need to see the dog in person.  Appointments are required and book quickly. So give us a call at-


 Just as our name says, a place for your pet to relax, peace and tranquility, with patience and calmness.  For your peace of mind, knowing that your pet is getting the best professional and high quality grooming services to enhance the beauty and well being of your pet.  Pampering and TLC is what we do best. 
Miranda, our Assistant and Bather, is great at getting all that lose hair out and getting your pet super clean!
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Nagayu CO2 Bathing System

*** All full grooms will include ears cleaned and excess hair removed, nails trimmed and dremeled for smoother finish, and anal glands expressed. 

We use a specially formulated shampoo and conditioner to help remove dead coat. With the help of high velocity dryers and a defurminator tool to help lift the dead coat out. This process will spare you endless hours of brushing and removing dead hair from your dog's coat and help eliminate numerous piles of hair from your home. This can be an add on service when your pet comes in for a groom. 

We are happy to announce that we have added a new service to our grooming services for dogs. This is called the Nagayu CO2 Bathing System from Japan. 
The CO2 treatment has the ability to remove mineral waste in clogged pores helping to eliminate odor but still protect the natural moisture in your pet's skin. Dogs with skin issues such as scabs, yeast or oil buildup, excessive dandruff, and excessive oily skin can be helped with this system. 
After your dog receives it's bath and rinse then we use a compressed tablet consisting of carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and bicarbonate which is very similar to what you find in a natural hot spring. This tablet is placed in a chamber of the shower head and is immediately dissolved with fresh running water on to your dog's body. This solution is left on your dog to dry. This process increases blood circulation and oxygen absorption leaving your dog with a full silky healthy coat. Results can typically be seen after one treatment. Dogs with major skin issues will need to follow up with CO2 baths for the treatment to work. We have had great positive results with this system and invite you to give it a try on your dog with problem skin issues. Give a call at 509-703-7781 and ask for the Nagayu add on service for your dog's next grooming appointment.