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AWC K-9 Fitness Gym Club Membership

The weather is cold and hazardous to your well being to try to exercise outside. Why not consider a K9 Gym Club Membership. 
During our open floor times your dog can come in to use our gym and our equipment. There is no contract and you can cancel anytime. We have a K9 Fitness Coach on hand to assist you if needed on use of equipment or working with your dog. We have lots of fitness equipment that is specifically designed for dogs.
Our gym floor is 3/4 inch rubber. A great surface to work your dog on.  

Monthly membership is only $35.00 a month.  A super deal, sign up now!!!

Getting a workout on the treadmill is a good idea for dogs to get exercise especially during the cold winter months.The deck of a 'people' treadmill is not a good for dogs over 35 lbs. The platform deck of the treadmill is way too short. Dogs over 35 lbs need a larger platform so that they can get the full length of stride in when walking or running on a treadmill. Without the longer platform, the dog has to hunch his shoulders and arch his back to stay on the treadmill. In other words the using a people tread mill on a dog bigger then 35 lbs  will cause more harm then good. A longer deck length is needed to get a good healthy stretch of stride. Tying the dog to the treadmill is an absolute no no and could cause serious injury.  Animal Wellness Connection has a great dog treadmill that has a long deck, super quiet, has many different speeds and also comes with incline options.
 Come check us out!
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Fitness for canines is for everyone. We have programs for the show dog, the hunting dog,  trial competition dogs, service dogs,  and working dogs. We have programs for senior dogs, overweight dogs, disabled dogs, growing puppies and dogs that are recuperating from injuries or surgeries. We even have programs for kids with their dogs. So come join us and see what we have to offer for your special canine, even if is just to stay healthy and fit.  Check our special K9 Team Fitness program. A special program designed for you to exercise with your dog. A canine coach is on staff to help you with all your special needs.  Come in and take a tour. You will be delighted with our special canine gym. Stay fit and have fun! Woof !!!
Canine obesity, the shocking part is that over 54% of the pet population is overweight. Packing around the extra weight can cause serious health problems, including adding mobility issues, diabetes and shorten your pet's life span. 

You know they need exercise, but your schedule just doesn't give you consistent time to do that. We have the solution. Sign your dog up for our Boot Camp for Overweight Dogs. It is like a day care but structured and designed to provide exercise, fitness and conditioning, and social interaction to help your dog lose weight when you are not able too. We get your dog back into better shape for health and longevity. 

Here is what your dog will get in our 'CHUNKY MONKEY CLUB, a Boot Camp for Overweight Dogs' :

8 week Programs and 16 week Programs

Fitness and Conditioning with Therapy Balls

Floor Exercises


Cardio and Treadmill work

Fitness Games to stimulate the mind and prevent boredom

Hydrotherapy once a week  for therapeutic non weight bearing exercise

Massage once a week to ease sore muscles and help your dog feel good

Socializing and play time with other overweight dogs for fun and will stimulate a more active lifestyle instead of being a couch potato

A Full Groom once a month. Being clean and beautified is healthy and stimulates a healthy coat.

Nutritional Advise

Personalized weekly progress reports to measure your dogs weight loss

Each dog will have their own personalized program, with weekly progress reports. You can drop off as early as 7am and pick up at by 6pm to fit your work schedule. Or you can drop off for a few hours and pick up when they have completed their workout program for that day. 

 When you include the cost of day care, getting a massage and a hydrotherapy session, boot camp is a terrific way to go and save you money. And once your dog completes the program you will save on future vet bills because your dog will have a healthier body. Space is limited in our  'Boot Camp for Overweight Dogs' so call early and make your reservations. If the sessions are full we can put you on our waiting list for the next session.  We do require a vet exam before starting boot camp.

 *** Please Note *** While boot camp can offer you a choice of alternative holistic treatments, in no way are these treatments a substitute for regular and proper veterinary advise or care.

A dog that has a healthy weight can live an average of 2 years longer as compared to an overweight dog. 54% of all dogs are overweight or obese as compared with 34% of humans. Mobility can be a huge concern over time for over weight dogs. Don't let your dog be another statistic. Let us help you get your dog back on track to a healthier lifestyle. Call us if you have questions or want to schedule your chubby monkey for boot camp. 509-703-7781

Have A Loveable Chunky Monkey At Home ?!
Can't find the time to get your dog the exercise they need. We have the answer. 

(not the usual boring doggie day care)
The CANINE BODY BUILDERS CLUB is for the athletic canine. Does your dog do agility, field work, rally, show conformation, dock diving, Frisbee competitions, flyball, lure coursing, herding, or any other sporting event. Is your dog a public service canine such as police work, search and rescue, therapy dog, personal service dog or any other service work? Then the Canine Body Builders Club is for you. Here is a way to keep your dog in top fitness so they will be able to perform at their peak performance, help prevent injuries and be ready at any given notice. 
The Canine Body Builders Club will include treadmill work, massage, therapy ball fitness, floor exercises, cavalletties, and swimming. Your dog will get a fitness program designed to meet their specific needs for endurance, strength, improve core balance, gait, and over all fitness. Improve performance levels, prevent injuries and keep your dog strong and in good condition. Call for an appointment with our canine fitness coach.  No contracts, cancel anytime. Start anytime. Want to keep your dog fit but no time on your hands? Consider our drop off program. We will work with your dog while you are at work or running errands and then when you are ready pick up your dog. Easy, Easy! 
 Puppy Enrichment and Socialization Class, this is a great tool for breeders who want to help improve the mental and physical wellness of their puppies. We only have one litter at any given time during this class. Socialization during first 16 weeks is critical for puppy development and yet you still need to protect them from diseases. Here is a way to do both. Puppies have many pieces of equipment to safely explore, develop curiosity, gain confidence and get exposed to kids, adults, wheel chairs, planks, exercise equipment, different smells and sounds. During puppy play dates, sounds of thunder, lightning, gunshots, babies crying, sirens, ect are played to help desensitize puppies from potential noise phobias. Our goal with these classes are to mold puppies to become healthy, happy family dogs. We encourage new owners to spend time and bond with their puppies before they are old enough to go to their new homes. The results are incredible and the puppies are responding well to the challenges we present them with. And it’s lots of fun! Think about adding this fantastic tool to your breeding program and your puppies will be have a great foundation both physically and mentally. We will also be offering an advanced class of Puppy Enrichment and Socialization for older puppies in the near future. Call us at 509-703-7781 for more info
A happy successful class from the Puppy Enrichment and Socialization Class. Help give your puppies a fresh start in life and mold your puppies into happy, well rounded, confident, people loving dogs. Your new puppies  owners will love you for it.