**Raindrop Technique**

In home Raindrop Technique for dogs and people, includes the use of the highest quality therapeutic -grade essential oils available. We only use essential oils from Young Living because they are 100 % pure therapeutic grade.  This is because Young Living Essential Oils have no dangerous adulterants which would also be dangerous to cats and other animals.  These oils for dogs and humans  include Young Living blend Valor, Oregano, Thyme, Basil, Cypress, Wintergreen, Marjoram and Peppermint.  We can also add other oils to customize the special needs of your dog. We never use mineral oil and for safety reasons we never mix water with essential oils. The oils are individually dropped along the spine and feet and gently massaged into the tissues. Raindrop Technique is recommended for geriatric dogs who may have medical issues that prohibit deep massage work.  

Initial Consultation  Dog $65.00 
Human $75.00

Dog Session 60 minutes
Human  Session last approximately 90 min to 2 hours. 

Follow up sessions Dog $60.00 ( 60 min) 
Human $75.00 (60 to 90 min)

Raindrop Technique added to Massage Therapy Dog only $30.00

5 visit Package (prepaid after initial consultation )
Dog $250.00
Human $325.00 

I typically recommend 5 sessions for geriatric dogs. One per week for 5 weeks and then monthly sessions thereafter for maintenance.  Athletic dogs should receive weekly or every other week sessions depending on how often they are competing.  Session duration depends on the needs of the dog.

For people, I recommend a monthly maintenance session. 

Discounts apply to more then one animal and or owner receiving Raindrop therapy at same location same day. 

Do to the severe sensitivity of cats skin,  I currently do not offer Raindrop Technique on cats. 

Massage Therapy 
Mobile and In-House Service

**Please note- there is a discount on massage rates if done at our in house location at 
1620 E. Houston Suite #100
Spokane, WA. 99217

Initial Consultation and Massage

First visit consultation will include: 
 History - Information Gathering with Owner
Observation and Physical Palpation Exam 
Brief Gait Analysis  (see below for a more comprehensive gait analysis)
Presentation of customized Massage Plan 

Massage therapy will may include:
Opening of massage (get to know you time, connecting, asking for permission with intention, respecting feedback from animal)
Passive touch massage
Effleurage massage
Nerve strokes and gymnastic strokes
Stretching and Range of Movement
Circulatory Massage
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Closing of massage

**depth, direction, and duration of massage will be dependent on each individual pet's needs*

Mobile Massage sessions                       $65.00
(I come to your location only on a limited basis)                   

In House Massage Sessions                   $50.00

Manual Ligament Therapy Only              $65.00

Manual Ligament Therapy added            $25.00
to massage session

Raindrop Technique added to massage $30.00
each massage session

One or two essential oils added to          $20.00

Other Massage Services:

*masssage added to full grooming services

Event Massages at event location
(If you have a sports event planned please call to reserve the date. I set up at the show and will do pre and post massage to enhance your canine's performance and to help prevent injury.) Appointments are set up on site and to accommodate your event schedule. I keep hot pads and ice packs on hand. Event fees cover pre and post massage as well as warm up and stretching. Fee is per dog.                        $25.00

Comprehensive Gait Analysis                  $125.00
(can take 120 to 180 minutes for assessment, photos and video, conditioning plan) 
This is an extensive evaluation of dog's 
gait, jumping (takeoff and landing patterns)
foot placements as well as conformation and how it will affect performance and analyzed by a veterinarian. This will include photo shots with markers on dog in action in their choice of sport  as well as video clips.   This is a great tool to evaluate the dog structure for a particular sport, or a service dog to prevent possible future injuries, determine any hidden factors for injury and set up a conditioning plan for optimum performance and endurance. 

For maintenance massage, typically I recommend once a month. This is determined by what the individual's needs will be.  Service dogs can also experience stress. Massage helps to relieve that stress. Massage can be very beneficial to geriatric dogs and cats by helping with circulation and arthritis issues. Geriatric sessions are based on case by case basis to meet individual needs. 

For Sports massage, canine competitors should receive weekly sessions or every two weeks maintenance sessions, which is dependent on how many competitions your canine athlete will be attending, and on the amount of physical demands of the sport and individual needs. Some competitions can affect the mentality of the dog. Some dogs are known to experience performance anxiety. They may experience transport stress. Sometimes there is stress due to higher expectations for the dog to reach higher levels of performance. Massage can help to lessen stress in those areas to allow the dog to focus and have a better performance. Massage can also be used as a warm up before the event and as a cool down after the event. The cool down after the event is the most beneficial.  There are special techniques designed to address stress patterns and improve performance,  techniques that focus on myofascial release, trigger point treatment and stress point therapy.  These are all beneficial to all dogs participating in agility, search and rescue, service and racing sports.

For Rehabilitation massage, this will very according to individual needs and the what is prescribed by your veterinarian.  Rehabilitation massage involves the physiology of pain management after surgery, illness, or injury, caring for geriatric pets, and specialized massage techniques that focus on specific tissue healing prescribed by your veterinarian. Rehabilitation massage can help provide relief from boredom due to reduced activity, improve flow of lymphatic fluid, stimulate the immune system pre-surgery, assist in surgery recovery, interrupt the pain-spasm-pain cycle, assist in restoring function and proper scar formation. 

Rehab massage is not a substitute for proper veterinary care, pharmaceutical management or physical therapy. A massage therapist can not prescribe specific treatment or provide a prognosis on a condition. The massage therapist supports the efforts of all individuals involved for the maximum benefit of the animal. 

Pet Reflexology
Dog /Cat 30 minute session    $35.00
Small Animal ( rabbit ect)
30 minute session                  $35.00         Reflexology added to massage   $15.00

While all modalities used offer you a choice of alternative holistic treatments, in no way are these treatments a substitute for regular and proper veterinary advise or care.  I am   not a Veterinarian,  I can not diagnose, prescribe medications, vaccinate, give medical advise, perform surgery or manipulate bony structures. 

Massage can not be used : On open wounds, Post operative conditions without veterinary approval, Recent fractures,  Animal that has a fever and Certain skin conditions.


What is a "Paw Spa Party" ?   This is a chance to learn how to perform a maintenance massage on your dog or pet.  We come to your home, early afternoon, or evening work best, during the week or a Saturday afternoon.  We must have a minimum of 4 dogs with owners (not counting hostess), up to a maximum of 6 dogs with owners that will be in  attendance that day. You will need a comfortable and large enough space to accomodate everyone.  We will be on the floor with blankets and learning many strokes for massage.  Dogs must be under control and able to get along with other dogs.  Please provide drinks and a treat for both humans and dogs.  They will also need bowls for water for the dogs.  The "Paw Spa Parties" will last around 2 hours.  Older children are welcome but best not to have smaller children present as it can cause too many distractions.  There is a $55.00 fee for each dog with their owner. The hostess's dog will receive a complimentary massage along with the massage lesson at no charge.   Be prepared to take notes. Dress in comfortable clothes and bring a blanket, leash and collar, small hand towel, and a bowl for water for your dog.  Please call 509-703-7781 for more details.  Cat Paw Spa Parties also available. Only cats and their owners can attend these parties. 20% of the profits go to the hotess's choice rescue group or shelter. 

Animal Reiki 
Reiki Master Practitioner

Fee Schedule

You can experience a Reiki Treatment  
in the comfort of your own home. 
An average session takes between 45-60 minutes for people and 30 to 45 minutes for animals. 



By Phone at a Distance - Animal or People 
AWC accepts Debit Cards, Major Credit Cards and Cash or Check.
Payment is expected at time of service. 

All photographs are the property of Lorna Boydston and may NOT be used in any form without express written permission © Copyright 2005- 2014 Lorna Boydston All Rights Reserved ll photographs are the property of Lorna Boydston and may NOT be used in any form without express written permission © Copyright 2005- 2013 Lorna Boydston All Rights Reserved 


*** Protect your pet and be sure that the massage practitioner you hire has been trained, certified and licensed to practice Massage Therapy. ****

​The state of Washington has the most strict education and certification requirements in the country for practice of animal massage and bodywork.  Washington now requires that all  large animal massage practitioners (horses, livestock, exotic)  must have a minimum of 300 hours in Equine Massage and be certified in Equine Massage from an accredited school. Small Animal Massage (which includes dogs, cats and other small animals) must also have a minimum of 300 hours and be certified in Small Animal Massage from an accredited school. 

Human Massage Therapists are allowed to perform massage on animals as long as they have a minimum of 100 acredited hours from either Equine Massage or 100 hours of Small Animal Massage from an accredited school. 

No Animal Massage Practitioner may practice animal massage in the state of Washington without having passed the National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Animal Massage and have a current license with the state. Each Animal Massage Practitioner  must carry a copy of that license at every location that animal massage is done. 

There are several so called body workers in our area that are not licensed, and some are not even certified to practice canine or equine massage. Protect your pet. Be sure they are licensed. 

This will insure the level of professionalism, and competency.  Licensed Animal Massage Practitioners are required to adhere to state regulations and  have proper training. The NBCAAM members follow a code of ethics.

  Lorna Boydston
  Nationally Certified
 Small Animal Massage Practitioner

WA License #AS 60290341
1620 E. Houston Suite 100
Spokane, WA  99217
Animal Wellness
Connection, LLC
Please call for an estimate. Each dog is different as well as coat condition and length of hair and whether or not clipping is involved. 

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